Thursday, 18 May 2017

Good morning everyone,

Here's something a little different. I finally got around to looking at my Graphic 45 Vintage Hollywood papers. As always the images are stunning and evoke memories of a very glamorous era.
I thought you could use this to store little treasures or mementos.

I used a Sizzix Bigz die:660333, Box train case by Eileen Hull.
The box case was cut from vthick black card, and was decorated with papers from the Vintage Hollywood collection.
I used embellishments from Hobby House for the handle and clasp.
I fussy cut some images to produce a  decoupage effect and add dimension.
For the finishing touch.I used glossy accents (quite liberally) to highlight some of the images.

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Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Good morning everyone,

Here's how to make the mini keepsake book that I demonstrated on Hochanda using Wild Rose Studio 6"x 6" papers and their rose corner die, which are fab.

If you purchased the 6"x 6" papers (which came as a pack of 2), the chipboard in each pack is perfect for the covers. If not, don't worry, measurements are below with instructions and some pictures for some of the stages.

Instructions for 6" x 6" keepsake book

Covers, from chipboard, cut 2 pieces measuring 6" x 6".

Pages: ideally from 12" x 12" card stock so you can use the off cuts for page pockets, tags or corners.

I suggest you don't have more than 6 pages, as it will become too bulky to close properly once tags, embellishments etc are added.

Cut 6 pages measuring 6 1/4" x 5 3/4", keep any off cuts as they can be used for page pockets and corner die cutting.

Page pocket size: 2 1/2" x 5 3/4" - cut as many as you choose.

Handy hints:

If you have any spare chipboard from another project, cut 2 strips and stick together- keep this and use as a cutting guide when trimming card stock corners for book covers.
Use strong, good quality double sided tape- I recommend scor-pal or red line tape, when I first started making books/albums I used cheaper tapes, which was a mistake as they soon came unstuck.
I use Collall all purpose glue to stick the pages as it gives you time to move the paper if you need too.
Cosmic shimmer (dries clear) glue is good for sticking pocket edges to pages if you don't want to use tape as it "grabs" the surface very quickly, BUT it is less forgiving and not easy to manipulate paper once stuck down.
If you're using a delicate corner die (e.g wild rose studio rose corner) as a pocket to slide tags/photos into, cut 2 and stick together to provide extra strength- if using decorative paper, cut the bottom layer from card stock used for pages. For additional strength, apply clear embossing powder, once both layers are stuck together.
Finally, I always have a "glue rubber" nearby, to remove any excess glue gently once it has dried- I go through the book, page by page  once I've completed it to check for glue marks.


With the page landscape (6 1/4" along the top edge), score in 1/2" on one edge only on each page, so that when the score is folded, the page size will measure 5 3/4" x 5 3/4".
Burnish each fold using a bone folder.

Take the pages, with the fold on the left side facing downwards, line up to edge of the page underneath, ensuring that the fold is always on the left underside of the next page.
Once all pages are stuck, forming a booklet, trim off the remaining 1/2"flap. The first page will become the front inside cover and the last page of the booklet will become the inside of the back cover.

Cover the outside of your chipboard covers, using a piece of 8"x 8" card stock which will provide an overlap of approx 1" all round. Trim the corners as shown and stick opposite sides first, then using a bone folder or your thumb nail, push in the side edge of each corner, so that when the flap is folded over, there is a neat corner with no chipboard showing.

 Place the back cover -covered side down, apply  Collal glue to the last page of the booklet, line up along the left edge leaving a gap of approximately 1/8" all round. Stick down firmly.
Apply glue to first page of booklet, and stick  to the inside of the top cover, pick up the book so that you can ensure the covers are lined up correctly by holding firmly onto hard surface- you will only be able to do this if you have used a glue with moving time.
Once stuck. allow the glue to set overnight, otherwise you may end up with an odd crease on a cover page.

Before decorating front cover, choose and fix a fastening of your choice to the outside of the front and back cover. Use double sided tape to stick.
Decorate internal pages and add pockets or corners.
I cut decorative papers 1/4" smaller than book pages, and the covers, BUT always double check by lining paper up first before cutting, to ensure you have the size you're happy with.

Here are page suggestions, you can also use decorative edge punches on the pockets to provide a different effect.
Rose corner die, double thickness, covered with clear
embossing powder.

I hope you have fun making this booklet - I'd love to see what you create,
Happy Book making!

Thanks for dropping by,


Sunday, 30 April 2017

 Good morning everyone,
 We're so lucky, it's another beautiful sunny day here in Peterborough.
All the prepping is done and I thought I' d show a few more pictures of creations from the amazing crafty gang.

Some cards were made using dies and paper collections from Wild Rose Studio, and embellished with some unusual and beautiful lace and ribbons.
Other cards have been made using the fabulous Rio ribbons, which can be die cut, coloured and frayed to achieve different effects.


Just a few more ideas to inspire you.

Thanks for dropping by and hope you have plenty of sunshine today wherever you are.


Friday, 28 April 2017

Morning everyone,

Well its been a while since I posted anything.
Life has been a bit crazy and I was also away for a while, but we're up and running now.
For the last 2 weeks the crafty gang have been busy helping me make samples up for my next show on Hochanda, Monday May 1st at 3 & 6 pm, where I'll be showing products from Wild Rose Studio, using their stamps, dies and beautiful papers. I will also be introducing some fabulous ribbons that you can alter and create some interesting effects.
We've made cards, boxes, file folders, keepsake albums.
I'll post some of the pictures below and more over the weekend.
Thank you to the crafty gang: Rosemary, June, Yvonne, Sue and Anita for all your help.

 I'm always amazed how so many different ideas come from each person using the same things. We really enjoyed using all the products, and I love the 6 x 6 paper pads for small keepsake albums.

Just a small selection, I'll be posting more tomorrow, so keep checking back to see what we've been up to!
Thanks for dropping by, and have a good weekend.



Monday, 27 February 2017

Good morning everyone,

Here are the measurements and assembly lay out for the die storage box that I made in Fridays show.

Measurements and assembly lay out for die storage box

Before assembling, cover the inside of the spine and fix the mechanism.
Stick the base and top to the spine-leave 1/8" gap either side of the spine to form the hinge.
Next stick the sides of the top and base to the outside edges, and then the sides opposite the spine will go along the outside edge of the base /top  and across the ends of the sides already fitted.

Line all raw edges and internal joins with black construction tape, or picture framing tape (which you can paint or use alcohol markers to alter the colour. 
Paint either the complete box inside and out with black gesso and allow to dry or use black card stock to line inside and out before decorating.
Use clear plastic sleeves with magnetic sheets to hold your dies.
To store stamps  replace the magnetic sheet with acetate (use a strong one) or stamp out your images on card stock, then laminate and use the laminated sheet to hold your stamps, but I recommend putting the laminated sheet inside a plastic sleeve.
Hope you enjoy making it, please let me know how you get on.
Have a good week.

Friday, 24 February 2017

Hi everyone,

Hope you enjoyed the shows, it was busy and good fun. All the cards made by the crafty gang looked absolutely stunning, thanks everyone.
I'll be posting the chipboard die box storage measurements sometime over the weekend.
Thanks  for dropping by and have a good weekend.